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Farewell Party, Jalandhar

(March 20, 2017)

On the 4th of March, 2017 a Farewell Party was held at Darshan Academy Jalandhar for Grade X students and hosted by Grade IX students. The students were excited and merry. The girls looked very glamorous and the boys looked dashing. All of the students had a lot of fun. Two students of Grade X were crowned “Ms. and Mr.Darshanite."The party ended with shared happiness and love.

Alphabet Party and Fancy Dress Show, Meerut

(March 14, 2017)

An Alphabet Party and Fancy Dress Show were held at Darshan Academy Meerut on 18 February 2017. The pre-primary students of the Academy participated in the Alphabet Party while the Fancy Dress Show was hosted for children from play schools and siblings of our own students.

Principals of the play schools as well as parents were invited to the function. After all the guests and parents were welcomed, students of Class I recited a Prayer Song. The children presented A to Z with the help of pictures, body letters and rhymes starting with each letter. Students gave their performances in groups wearing head bands with the letter marked on it. All the presentations of the children were highly applauded.

The Fancy Dress Show included intervals of entertainment put on by Darshan Academy students, which comprised of songs, solo and group dances, and playing musical instruments. The Fancy Dress Show participants were grouped into three different age categories. Participants were beautifully dressed in colorful costumes to represent Mother Earth, a tree, stamp, cobbler, milkman, singer, dancer, bride, and great leaders. All received a Certificate of Participation and gift baskets. Winners were congratulated by the Principals of the play schools.

The guests and parents highly appreciated the program as well as the commendable efforts of the students. Refreshments were served.

The children also engaged in games and activities such as play station, clay modelling, musical chairs, and an Alphabet Race and preparing alphabet booklets.

Silverzone Foundation Olympiads, Ludhiana

(March 7, 2017)

Olympiads were held at Darshan Academy, Ludhiana to encourage students to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in various subjects. The Olympiads were organized by Silverzone Foundation New Delhi and Pentasoft. Many students participated with great enthusiasm and success.
Result of SilverZone Olympiad:
Subject Participants Gold Medals Silver Medals Bronze Medals
Computer 8 3
Math 6 1 1 1
Social Science 5 1 1 1
Hindi 12 4 1 1
Science 19 5 3 1
English 8
GK 2

Result of Pentasoft Olympiad:
61 students participated in various subjects and 4 students received Gold Medals.

Good Luck Party 2017, Hisar

(March 3, 2017)

Darshan Academy, Hisar held a Good Luck Party for the students of class XII to wish them good luck for their future endeavours. The fabulous party began with a traditional tilak ceremony for the students given by the students of class XI. All the students of class XII shared their memorable moments spent in Darshan Academy and thanked their teachers for inculcating the noble values of truthfulness, kindness and selflessness in them. They said they were proud of being Darshanites.

Class XII students shared their love and heartfelt gratitude and the teachers conveyed their best wishes. Neeti and Siddhant were chosen as Miss and Mr. Darshanite. The school manager Mr. Prakash Taneja and the principal Mrs. Jessica Kamble extended a motivational message and best wishes for a bright future, encouraging them to work hard with an optimistic attitude, exclaiming: YES, YOU CAN!

All of the students participated in a beautiful cultural program full of entertainment with songs, dances, and theatrical performances. Class XII students were sad to be leaving but felt well prepared for their future as a result of the wonderful education they had received at Darshan Academy.

Kirpal Week of Loving Kindness, Hisar

(March 2, 2017)

“Where there is love, there is constant remembrance”
Darshan Academy Hisar celebrated “Kirpal Week of Loving Kindness” from 31st January to 6th February 2017 in remembrance of the birth anniversary of Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj. The school campus was vibrating with the message of “LOVING KINDNESS” as the students enthusiastically participated in the event which commenced with a special student assembly to mark the celebration.
Students performed various acts of kindness such as caring for birds by keeping water and feeding bowls for them in and around the school campus. Tamanna of class VII gave a speech on kindness. Nidhi and Anju presented a biography of Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj. Some students of class VIII presented various quotes of great saints. Students participated in a question and answer session on the life and teachings of Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj. Riya, Tamanna, Mansi and Ankita recited beautiful poems of Maharaj Ji and other great saints.
Students of Class VI and Class VII visited the slum areas and distributed fruits to the families there. By doing this they demonstrated the teachings of kindness and compassion of Sant Kirpal Singh ji Maharaj. On this occasion the School Principal Jessica R. Kamble congratulated all the students and teachers and told them to follow the DA Agreement “BE KIND TO ALL” encouraging students to be of service to all human beings and other creatures.

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