Our Clubs

Darshan Academy sponsors various clubs in order to identify and cultivate their students' inborn talents and potential. These provide opportunities for young people to enhance their physical, mental, social, and spiritual skills, as well as their qualities and talents. Keeping in mind the challenges of the times, the Academy has utilized the best talent and expertise available, from various fields, to mentor and guide students.

Readers Club

The Readers Club aims at inculcating an interest and joy in reading and enables students to access the wisdom and knowledge stored in our libraries. Students are encouraged to read books of various fields. DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) activity is conducted every Monday for 15 minutes and “The Book Lover of the Week” is chosen randomly.

Literary Club

The Literary Club provides a venue for students to develop their interest in literature and the ability to grapple with real life, and complex problems.

I.T. Club

The I.T. Club organizes workshops to keep students informed about updates in the field of Information Technology.

Math Club

The Math club is dedicated to fostering enthusiasm for the field of mathematics. This is where students learn the latest news about advances in the world of numbers.

Dance and Music Club

Dancing improves the body’s agility and flexibility, and music soothes the mind and soul. The Dance and Music Club not only prepares students for participation in competitions but also encourages creativity and helps develop self esteem.

Art and Craft Club

The Art and Craft Club encourages students' creative skills, expands their ability to interact and communicate with the world around them, and provides resources to develop their self-expression.

Sports Club

The objective of the Sports Club is to develop students' physical stamina and sportsmanship. It teaches the qualities of discipline, responsibility, self-confidence, sportsmanship, teamwork and accountability.

Nature Club

The Nature Club works in close proximity to nature, which nurtures the ecological understanding of the young students. Field trips are organized at regular intervals, and each student is encouraged to plant a sapling on his or her birthday.

School Science Club

The school's Science Club focuses on ‘learning by doing,’ encouraging students to find practical applications for scientific knowledge. Twice a month the Club brings in outside professionals who help the students develop “higher order thinking skills” through conducting innovative science experiments.

G.K. Club

The General Knowledge club contributes to personal enrichment and a better understanding of what's happening in the world.


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