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Principal Message

Darshan Academy Devlali


Education requires a wise mind, a patient hand, a gentle touch, a strong will, a huge heart, and some brilliant intuition. It involves leadership, creativity, recreation, psychology and entertainment, all clubbed together, to ablaze a walkway for the golden promising future of the global citizens still in moulds.

Darshan Academy Devlali offers an excellent curriculum to help students flourish and develop their talents. Each day at Darshan Academy Devlali blooms into a scintillating trail to be treaded upon both by the educators and the students. Students are given opportunities to grow and achieve greatness through a wide variety of learning activities. They tap into the peace within during the daily meditation time and attend specially designed spiritual curriculum classes.

At Darshan Academy Devlali we help students gain knowledge, wisdom, and intellectual, physical and spiritual growth. We encourage students to be creative problem solvers. Only then can there be generations of peacemakers who realize the purpose of this priceless gift called life.

Urmila Sharma  (Principal)

Our Mission

Creating Generations of Peacemakers

Darshan Academy provides an education that embraces all aspects of a child’s being, enabling students to meet challenges and lead life with a knowledge supported by wisdom, ethical values, good decision-making skills, as well as equipoise and a respect for all life. Darshan Academy is committed to help students develop their full potential – physically, intellectually, artistically, emotionally, and spiritually. In addition to being immersed in a rich academic curriculum, students meditate and follow a daily lesson from the Darshan Academy spiritual curriculum. Students are trained for life to be high achievers and good human beings. They learn goal setting, creative thinking, communication skills, selfless service, time management, and the use of technology and inquiry. Students are encouraged to see themselves as citizens of a global community whose prosperity and well-being depend on harmony and co-operation.


  • Kirpal Ashram,Sant Kirpal Singh Marg Vijay Nagar, Delhi - 110009 , Delhi
  • +91(011)-27414545
  • info@darshanacademy.org


  • Darshan Academy, Devlali
    Kirpal Ashram, Anand Road Devlali Camp, Nashik
    Devlali - 422401 , Maharashtra

  • Phone- 0253-2494500 ,0253 - 2496120
    Mobile- 07774066551
  • infodevlali@darshanacademy.org

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